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Eco Living

What is eco living?
It is about making choices

Choices on how one creates their home environment in a healthy way without compromising quality and awareness of the broader “picture” on how our lives affect the ecology. For example concern for sustainability of materials used and making a decision to recycle. All food scraps either go to the dogs, chickens (we have our own eggs) or worm farm which makes a wonderful compost for our vege garden.

We spend most of our lives indoors, and in our modern dwellings subject ourselves to chemical and electrical pollution. In fact there are more chemicals in today’s modern house than there was in a Victorian era Laboratory, and electromagnetic / geopathic fields are another huge topic!

Hedingham Country Estate is a certified EcoHome
Our home is like our third skin (clothes are our second skin) and must breathe. The bio paints we have used allow the transpiration of air through the plaster board, and the oils and special non toxic floor coatings do not off-gas dangerous formaldehyde, benzene and phenols which have an effect on our immune system. The house is insulated with wool; not pink batts! It is wired differently.

Hedingham Country Estate was the first truly eco bed and breakfast built in New Zealand in 1993, under the principles of the BBE (Building and Ecology Institute of NZ) www.ecoprojects.co.nz

Built entirely of natural materials this large stone house (there is no treated timber) with many of the internal walls of rammed earth, is passive solar designed to maximize the sun’s position throughout the year. So it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The Sun heats the water most of the year and for those colder months we use a wood burning oven to not only cook on but to heat our water and to centrally heat the home. A dowser in conjunction with the architect has positioned our home to be in harmony with the earth’s energies.

At the end of the day you have to do what is comfortable for yourself… “think globally ; act locally”.


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Hedingham Country Estate is a certified EcoHome